No organ to practice on? Improve using your keyboard. Here’s how…

Most people don’t own a Hammond Organ in their homes. They want to get better, but they think it’s impossible without a physical organ to practice on. But I disagree. During quarantine I’ve still had to teach my gospel organ classes at Berklee. ​And my students are continuously getting better… (Notice how she was changing […]

A Serious Message For Pandemic Musicians

A friend told me about what happened to a musician we both know. It might be a tough pill to swallow but it has nuggets that everyone should remember. Basically a guy who played for a church for years was fired due to the pandemic and a better musician was brought in to replace him. […]

My Recent Shed w/Glenn Gibson Jr.

Last week I got a chance to catch up with Glenn Gibson Jr. If you don’t him he’s one of the hottest organists & keys players out right now. He’s also a fellow Nord Stage 3 owner. #iseenord. We were on ZOOM just talking about life, music, how the quarantine has affected us etc… But […]