Last week I got a chance to catch up with Glenn Gibson Jr.

If you don’t him he’s one of the hottest organists & keys players out right now.

He’s also a fellow Nord Stage 3 owner. #iseenord.

We were on ZOOM just talking about life, music, how the quarantine has affected us etc…

But then he brought up a topic that I want to share with you guys today:

His creative process

He brought it up because he commented on one of my YouTube videos talking about reharmonization and tapping into your creativity.

It was interesting to hear his approach to creating new ideas in songs.

But more importantly, it was great seeing that his approach was similar to the process I teach inside my reharmonization & music theory course.

To be honest I’m relieved…why?

Because he confirmed that I’m teaching stuff that  works.

There’s NO WORSE feeling than someone saying:

“I tried your course, I did what it said, and it DID NOT work for me.”

That would mean that I SUCK at what I do, and that I’m a fraud.

That’s why I put TONS of effort into understanding the ins & outs of gospel musicians mindset and giving students “college quality” gospel music education.


Him & I are actually thinking about doing a masterclass pretty soon.

It’ll be for members of Create Crazy Gospel Chords & Gospel U Academy.

If you’re already a CCGC student, look out for an email from me about when that masterclass is going to be.

If you’re not a student of CCGC, you know what to do ;).

Join Create Crazy Gospel Chords Here

That’s it for today, stay safe and remember –

“If you can think like a pro, you can play like a pro”

Vaughn Brathwaite

P.S. If you’ve never heard Glenn play before check out this link: