The secret to playing killin' reharms and crazy chords in ANY song

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“I praise God so much for using Vaughn’s teaching gift to develop me into the musician I have always wanted to be. He breaks things down into simple pieces that even a child could understand. It’s rare to find someone at such a high professional level willing to reach out to musicians so beneath them. Gospel U has a true teacher at its helm, and musicians everywhere are better because of his special God-given gift! “
Keisha Nobles
Church Organist & Keys Player
The Trainings Inside Gospel U Academy have become indispensable to me. While I’m still trying to master them all I find myself using your strategies without even knowing it. Pastors look at me at age 23 and wonder how I got so “good” (at least that’s what they say). Now people call me an advanced musician!”
Lavante Pettigrew
Minister & Musician
"The Gospel University was a great tool for me to take my playing to the next level. The biggest thing it allowed me to do was come up with a formula to begin thinking of different reharms for songs. I know this is a gospel course, but many of the principles used in this course can be applied to creating reharms in ALL genres! (which has always been a struggle for me). Well worth the investment!"
Brionne Wright
Music Director/Background Vocalist
"I've been an organ student of Vaughn's for years, and working with him has been great for my playing. But when he told me he came out with a course I was the first in line! The Gospel University is an extension of our private lessons, and it really shows me the importance of being detail oriented top level musician.”
Elijah Beech
Church Musician
Using the Talk Music concepts Inside Gospel U, I did a Crazy, Extraordinary Move! Wow, I can't wait to play it at church! Thanks so much (for Gospel U), I plan on reviewing this material for a long time to come.”
Frank Sawyer
“Gospel U Academy Changed My Mindset And Now I Finally Understand How To Use Advanced Chords Correctly In My Playing! But Most Importantly I Know WHEN & WHY Certain Chords!
Ernesto Mitchell
Church Musician
"I’m a classical and jazz trained musician with a BA degree in music so already know a lot of theory and jazz, but never really got into how gospel music is approached. But I think your course is really good because it brings it all together for anyone regardless of experience. So, great approach and thanks so much for teaching us!"
Wendy Macbain
Gigging Musician
"Vaughn is one of my prized former students from Berklee College of Music, and now fellow colleague at Berklee. I personally have viewed his Create Crazy Gospel Chords course and was impressed by the simple, easy-to-understand manner in which he explains advanced gospel music concepts! Gospel music concepts can be VERY difficult for beginner & non-gospel musicians. But Vaughn's course does a great job at breaking everything down step-by-step, so anyone from beginner to advanced level can learn!"
Dennis Montgomery III
Berklee College of Music Professor

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