How Gospel Musicians Think

(Part 3 of 3) ...

With renewed dedication to the instrument he loves...

Mark signed up for my $297/month Gospel University platinum mentorship program without hesitation.

And just ONE week later, he was thrilled to tell me what had happened:

“We had bible study at church last night. And after service, as everyone was chatting and catching up in the sanctuary, I asked one of the musicians if I could play on the keyboard..

During service they sang one of my favorite hymns. And since I’ve been learning all this new stuff I couldn’t wait to use apply what I’d been learning to it…

So I tinkered with the song for a while.

I must have gotten lost in the music, and lost track of time. Because next thing I knew…

A group of people were standing around me.

I thought “Crap! I must’ve played some wack stuff and folk were starting to get aggravated”…

But when I looked around at everyone…

Their jaws were dropped.

The main musician said “Bro. Mark I never knew you could play like that…now I can call on you to substitute for me” he said with chuckling.

“By the way, can you show me those chords?”

I was shocked!

Never before had any “good” musician complimented my playing.

I felt so excited I could’ve cut a praise step right there!

Thank you, Vaughn.

With what you’ve taught me in just ONE week, I’m at a place with gospel music I never thought I’d be.”

Throughout that week, Mark had a big “Aha”moment that gave him the foundation, and “filled in gaps” in his playing…
Which made Mark able to play contemporary chord progressions in any song he wanted.
This is the exact same “AHA” moment I had years ago, and continues to be the springboard of success for my students.
I’ve compiled it all into a foundational course that’s INCLUDED with every “Gospel University Academy” membership.
It’s called “Create Crazy Gospel Chords.”

When you apply the principles you’ll learn inside the “Gospel University Academy”, I believe you’ll definitely see your gospel playing improve.

Just like Mark did.

To take a tour of “Gospel University Academy” & to learn more about how it can improve your gospel playing, click the button below and type your best email in…

…plus as a BONUS taking this free training, I’ll give you a free DOWNLOAD called “The Top 12 Gospel Chords Every Musician Should Know”.

See you on the other side!

– Vaughn –

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