How The "Chord Hacker" Mindset Works

Now, a key part of the “Chord Hacker” Mindset is knowing how gospel music works.

And the first step is learning some music theory.

But you may be asking:

“But Vaughn, if music theory is SO important, 
how come there are a lot of awesome musicians 
who don’t know ANY theory at all?”

I used to wonder that too, until I realized…

That the reason why many naturally talented church musicians can play very well, but not know any music theory is because:
 – They were usually around gospel music at a young age (ages 0-8), when their minds are more receptive to their surroundings etc…
 –  Their minds became subconsciously programmed with this “gospel sound” at an early age and thus this gospel sound becomes an integral part of their musical mind.
(We usually say these musicians have great “ears”)
 – Because of this “early” head start, they had A LOT  more time to use trial & error in their development.
To learn what works and what doesn’t work in their playing.
Now because you’re not 6 years old anymore (I hope)…
This trial & error way of doing things probably won’t work for you.
A more efficient method is needed to reach your playing goals
And learning the “rules of gospel music” is a great way to start.
I’ve heard blazin’ musicians say they end up having to learn theory when they want to expand their playing beyond the church walls, and into the music industry. 

But Learning Music Theory Isn't Enough...

You might be thinking:

“What the heck Vaughn! I don’t even know music theory and now you’re telling me its not enough?”
Don’t be discouraged, it’s actually easier than you think… 🙂
If you’re familiar with boxing, music theory is the “jab”.
What I’m about to show you is the “hook”.
Music theory knowledge works best when it’s combined with very specific gospel music principles…
These special principles give you the ability to manipulate music theory to create “jaw-dropping” gospel reharms, crazy chord progressions and more.
This is where things start getting fun.
And once you understand this you’ll jump way ahead in your gospel playing.
Here’s a quick example of how to combine music theory and these special gospel music principles:

So what’d you think? 


Pretty cool concept right?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
(BTW if some of the terminology went over your head don’t worry about it for now)
Imagine applying that simple principle to: 
Chord progressions
Talk Music
Preacher Chords
and more…
It would literally change your playing the way it changed mine!
BUT…Only if you dedicate yourself to the “Chord Hacker” way.

Here's What I Mean...

Earlier I showed you the traits of the “Amateur Musician Mindset” and how it can hinder your progress as a musician.

Ideally you want to avoid those bad habits just like Christians try to avoid hell!
So what do you replace that old mindset & bad habits with?
The “Chord Hacker” Mindset of course!
The characteristics of the “Chord Hacker” Mindset I’m about to show you are proven to take your playing to that next level…
ONLY, if you make them a part of your life.
Professional musicians:
  • Have a structured “game-plan” for their musical improvement.
  • They are NOT random in their approach to practice.
  • Focus on building a strong music foundation, instead of just learning flashy stuff
  • They master each step in their practice “game-plan” before moving on to the next one.
  • Learn “how to fish” for themselves (i.e. they focus on creating their own ideas, instead of ONLY copying everyone else) 
  • Pay attention to musical details that most musicians ignore. (Like voice leading, chord voicings, note length, etc…)
  • Believe in using focused, “holistic” practice sessions that get results, and that make the best use of time.
  • Invest in quality music education, and ONLY learn from musicians who can play well & teach in a way they can understand.

So now is the moment of truth…

Do you wanna be a “Chord Hacker”?
Or an amatuer musician?
The choice you make is dependent on what you want out of this whole ‘music thang’…
Do you want to continue along the same path you’re on right now?
– Frustrated with your playing.
– Feeling inadequate around other musicians,
– Playing the same boring chords over & over?
Or do you want to finally play the way you’ve always dreamed?
Once again the choice is yours…
Remember this truth:
“If you can THINK like a pro, you can PLAY like a pro”
There’s no way around it, it’s either one or the other.
Even if you DON’T plan on doing music as your full time career, 
Why choose the Amateur Musician Mindset which will keep your playing EXACTLY where it is now?
Why not approach what you do like the pros do and enjoy the fruits of doing so?
…that’s why this next step is SO critical to transform your gospel playing.

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