Its NOT Your Fault You Haven’t Seen Results Yet…

Like I mentioned on the previous page…

There is only ONE thing that separates pro-level musicians from the everyone else:

The Way They Think

And unfortunately there aren’t courses that teach the importance of thinking properly & correctly about gospel music.

So don’t feel bad

So the fact that most musicians are struggling with gospel music isn’t a surprise to me.

To put it more clearly, there are TWO mindsets that a musician can have:

An “Amateur Musician Mindset” (A.M.M), where you’re struggling to get better, and everything you seem to do just DOESN’T work.
Or the “Chord Hacker Mindset” (CH), that’ll help you play better chords & reharms, make everything you play sound “professional”, and put you on the level of the musicians you look up to.
You can only think ONE of these two ways…
There is no “in between”.
If you currently don’t play the way you’d like, mostly there are elements of A.M.M. in your approach to music.
But don’t worry we’ll fix that 🙂
To better understand the “Chord Hacker” Mindset (CH), I MUST show you the dangerous effects of the “Amateur Musician Mindset” (A.M.M)

Signs You May Have An Amateur Musician Mindset

As you read through the things I’m about to list, I don’t want you feeling bad or down on yourself.

I’m not here to criticize you, only to help make you fully aware of where you are now…
And give you sound advice on what steps to take next.
Ok here goes…
You probably have a Amateur Musician Mindset if:
  • You “Learn” Lots Of Music Ideas, But You Can’t Use ‘Em In “Real” Music Situations
  • Have A Bunch of Gospel Music DVD’s Collecting Dust In Your House
  • Get Easily “Sidetracked” In Your Practice Time
  • Your Playing Sounds Bland, Basic & Boring
  • You’d Rather Learn “Killin” Ideas Instead of Building Solid Music Foundation
  • Can’t Name Chords/Can’t Explain What You Play
  • Hear Ideas In Your Head, But Can’t Play Them Accurately
  • Hands Feel “Awkward” And “Stumbly” On The Keys
  • Your Creative Ideas Don’t “Fit Well” In The Songs You Play
  • Can’t Play Proficiently In All Keys
  • Have Trouble Hearing Something & Playing It Back Accurately
  • You’re Confused On What To Practice To Get The Best Results

But Remember…This Isn’t Your Fault

You just haven’t been shown the RIGHT STUFF to focus on at the RIGHT TIMES in your musical development.

And thats where most of the YouTube videos and current gospel music instruction resources fail…
Most of them usually feature a musician who can play well, but can NOT teach well…
They throw a bunch of chords, licks and runs at you.
But they can’t explain what they played or the mindset behind it.
Without this crucial info, this means you can’t use this stuff when you play at church.
Another scenario is that you might see someone play something “crazy”, and you might even know the music theory behind it.
But you don’t know how the musician “knew” to play that specific move in that part of the song.
Its not just about knowing the music theory, but ALSO understanding the “Chord Hacker” mindset that pro gospel musicians have.
We’ll cover that on the next page, see you over there 🙂