Would You Love To Become A Respected And Admired Gospel Player?

Hey friend,
I’m Vaughn, founder of The Gospel University where we teach aspiring gospel piano & organ players that…
“If You Can THINK Like A Pro, You Can PLAY Like A Pro”
Now you might be wondering, 
“Who is this guy…can he even play?”
The short answer is “yes”, BUT it took a lot for me to get here, and I want to show you how you can achieve your goals like I did.
If you’d like you can check out some video footage of me playing here:
Wanna learn a bit more about Gospel University?
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The “Gospel University” is an online gospel music academy designed specifically to help musicians that feel “stuck” in their playing finally break FREE and start playing the with the confidence, creativity, and freedom of expression they want.

And the great thing is it DOESN’T have to take you a long time.
Most members who join see results in as soon as 14 days! And if you stick with it for 60 days you can make huge transformations that people WILL notice.
But Gospel University isn’t just for “external” transformations…
But the “internal” transformations you’ll make as a result of being a Gospel University student are where the real benefits lie.
Things like:
   * Feeling no more nervousness & insecurity around musicians.
   * Actually KNOWING what your playing & why you’re playing it.
   * Getting respect & validation from highly skilled musicians in your area
   * Knowing that you can handle ANYTHING thrown at you in a church service


Here's How We're Different

The “Gospel University” is unlike any other gospel training resource in a few ways.
First – You’ll be taught by Berklee College of Music teachers & alumni, as well as other “high-level”  music industry professionals.
Second – As a member you’ll get a specific practice plan based on what your specific goals are:
   – Wanna play better sounding chords? There’s a plan for that
   – Wanna get more solid & seasoned on the organ? There’s a plan for that
   – Wanna get better at backing up a preacher? There’s a plan for that
   – Wanna Play Talk Music Better? There’s a plan for that too
Third – One membership perk is that you can submit video for personal feedback from our Gospel University instructors.
Fourth – We’re like a social platform for Gospel Musicians. You can create practice groups, interact with other members, upload video & audio clips, make friendships, end friendships (we hope you don’t do that LOL) and much more.
Fifth – As a member of Gospel University, you also get opportunities for church music positions. 
Pastors and ministries all around the country trust us to find them musicians when they need them.
Sixth – Live group Q&A trainings with our Gospel University instructors. Submit your questions ahead of time and we’ll answer them live!

Public Enrollment is Currently Closed For "The Gospel University"

But for now, take our FREE gospel training receive an email from us when Gospel U reopens for enrollment.

Need help? Email Support: support@thegospeluniversity.com

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