Case Studies

At Gospel University, there's only ONE thing that matters. Results.

We have them. If you are thinking of joining our program, watch these inspiring interviews with musicians just like you. They will help you make a decisive decision on working with our team.

How Keatron Got Crazy Results In His
Playing With Only ONE Month With Vaughn's Gospel Coaching Program

How Leonard Filled In The Missing Gaps In His Playing And Gained Full Understanding of Everything He Plays On Keys

How Kerby Unlocked New Levels In His Playing With Vaughn's Coaching Program

How Frank Was Finally Able To Play Reharms In The Songs Using Vaughn's 'Chord Stack' System

How Geoffrey Used Vaughn's Coaching Program To Add That "Gospel Sound" To His Piano Playing

How Alexander Used Vaughn's Gospel Principles To Add More Expressiveness To His Playing

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