Let’s face it.

Consistently practicing can be the hardest thing for musicians to do.

But it’s necessary.

So how do you stay the course and keep improving?

Well contrary to popular belief, gritting your teeth and “forcing” yourself to practice DOESN’T help at all.

As a matter of fact it sabotages you and keep you right where you are.

Very frustrating.

So what should you do?

How did the pros stay committed to practicing until they became killin’?

You should know our motto:

“If you can THINK like a pro, you can PLAY like a pro”

So let’s reveal another secret of their mindset…

Answer: They know how to stay inspired using the “Music Practice Hierarchy”

The “Music Practice Hierarchy”, uses inspiration to stay disciplined, NOT grit, force and sweat. So you’ll “love” to practice consistently.

You MUST follow this hierarchy or else you’ll get frustrated and discouraged along your journey.

Here it goes:

Step 1 – Stay inspired by finding ideas, chord progressions, runs etc… that you dream of being able to play.

Step 2 – Transcribe/learn them note for note.

Step 3 – If you have trouble executing the ideas you learned, THEN and ONLY THEN find a scale, exercise or music training to help you strengthen the “weak” areas.


That’s where scales, exercises & music trainings come in.

DON’T just do them all “willy nilly”.

Why does this work?

Because the scale/exercise is being used to properly play a specific musical idea.

If you have a good sources of musical inspiration and the technical exercises to help you strengthen the weak areas in your playing…

It’s a wrap! You’ll improve so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Inside I made sure to combine BOTH inspiration (reharms/ideas/runs/passing moves) & technical instruction as a part of our course curriculum so that you as the student don’t get discouraged & you’ll make meaningful progress as quickly as possible.

If you’re curious and want a glimpse of what we do here at Gospel University –

And even if you decide not to join, remember the “music practice hierarchy” I listed above.

It’ll save you SO much time as you progress.

Peace & blessings,

Vaughn Brathwaite