Who is The Gospel University?

We’re a gospel music education company based in Boston, MA, run by Professor Vaughn Brathwaite from Berklee College of Music. We create gospel music courses for individuals & religious organizations that help take their worship experiences to the next level.

We’ve been in business since 2014.

Why is there a charge on my card?

It's a one-time or monthly charge for one of our gospel music education products

If you’ve seen a charge on your card that lead you to this webpage, more than likely it is because you bought one of the following products:

  • Create Crazy Gospel Chords
  • Gospel Organ Bootcamp
  • Gospel University Academy (monthly charge)
  • Organist’s Guide To Drawbars
  • Preacher Chords University
  • Chord Academy
  • Gospel Musician Coaching Program

If you do not recognize any of these products please do not dispute through your bank, contact our support team for assistance at support@thegospeluniversity.com.

At TheGospelUniversity.com we value our customers. If for any reason you have any issues please contact: support@thegospeluniversity.com.. We will try and resolve all conflicts with billing.

Need help? Email Support: support@thegospeluniversity.com.

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