How Gospel Musicians Think (Pt. 3)

How Gospel Musicians Think (Part 3 of 3) … With renewed dedication to the instrument he loves… Mark signed up for my $297/month Gospel University platinum mentorship program without hesitation. And just ONE week later, he was thrilled to tell me what had happened: “We had bible study at church last night. And after service, as […]

How To Play Like A Pro (Pt. 3)

How The “Chord Hacker” Mindset Works Now, a key part of the “Chord Hacker” Mindset is knowing how gospel music works. And the first step is learning some music theory. But you may be asking: “But Vaughn, if music theory is SO important, how come there are a lot of awesome musicians who don’t know ANY theory […]

How Gospel Musicians Think (Pt. 2)

How Gospel Musicians Think (Part 2 of 3) … “Before we start the test”, I said Feeling “limited” on the keyboard is NOT a problem.” Mark looked at me like I was nuts again. It’s just a matter of how you “look” at music. “Skilled gospel musicians “think” about music WAY differently than other musicians” “How […]