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Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted anything here, but my committment is still ongoing. Just wanted to share something…. Discovered this simple formula, which reads like a phone number: 151.4545.1 If you play (inverted) major triads or major 7th chords using that progression, with the leading note pattern of a major scale, i I […] View
  • Michael Brooks commented on Keisha Nobles's Music 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful 😍

      • Well To God be the Glory! And …. How have you been doing, Bro. Michael? It seems as if our paths have diverged so much that it’s definitely a miracle that I’m hearing from you. What are you up to “musically” ? I miss our interaction on GU. God Bless!
          • Greetings Sis Keisha!

            I decided to reach out and reignite my dedication to music theory again. My pace has not slowed down overall through lockdown. School has me really swamped and work demands rose to new levels in this past few months of epic change. Can hardly complain, but I took a break from music to focus on family bonding, increased prayer life etc.

            Musically, I have taken a real interest to listen to tons of relaxing piano music almost around the clock for the last few months of lockdown. Its been real therapeutic and keeps my passion and interest in music high while expanding my hearing👂

            So hearing your recording was a perfect compliment to a lot of material I have been taking in lately. Really into the beauty and art of creative piano sounds in this season.


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