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Michael Brooks


Praise The Lord and good day to all,

I am a worshiper and child of God.  Humble and grateful for life.  A life long learner driven to research, apprehend new revelations of Gods word and music theory.  I have played piano mostly for over 25 years since childhood but never had a complete sense of music theory to organize and take playing from stuck and ordinary levels.  Made a lot of improvements since 2008 when I started to spend a lot more time, but frustrated by lack of organized knowledge and inability to communicate with others who relate music in so many diverse and unorganized ways.


Happy to be part of this GU Academy since March 2019.  Looking forward to engage in positive and effective music sharing and k knowledge.   I feel ready to start from scratch and not afraid to deal with the full scope of my strengths and weaknesses in music.

I love old hymns.  Need to develop speed, scale runs movements to drive shouts more.  Also to develop preaching chords which I have some comfort with.

Looking forward to this great journey and putting time into this material so I can get more results and empower others to do the same.  The more I empower others is the more I elevate somehow.


God bless,

Bro. Michael


Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada