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  • @organmadeeasy: Hi Vaughn, I tried to respond back to your comments about my most recent playing clip, but both the “comment” and “reply” features in WordPress are disabled. Please check into this— when I press either button, they just blink and nothing gets processed. Here is my followup nquestion: Thank you for the informative critique,…[Read more]

    • Aww I wish I could but i don’t have the time anymore.
      In my opinion the right hand could’ve been cleaner at 00:07, 00:38 & 00:52.
      I heard a “unique” note in the left hand around 00:35. (It could just be a harmony choice that you prefer that I wasn’t expecting)

      All small details stuff, but these details will take your playing to a whole new…

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  • [Latest Organ Recording]: I meant to post this clip over the weekend in honor of V-day, but better late than never. During my weekend practice session, I decided to record an organ rendition of, “Oh how He Loves You and Me”. because Jesus’s sacrifice at the cross showed the epitome of love. His love for me is the reason I live today. I have…[Read more]

    • Sounds good. I would focus on cleaning up your right hand melody playing and chord transitions. They sound a little “murky” and undefined. Also in the left hand, watch some of those errand passing tones.

      Other than that, everything is sounding good.

      – VB

    • [NEWEST CHORD of the Week Recording]:Well, I am finally back in the swing of things after the funeral last week. We had a young person to die (32 yrs old), and playing the keyboard for a packed funeral was alot of pressure, but the Lord bought me through yet another funeral! Anyways, this week I randomly chose G7(#9,b13) as my newest chord…[Read more]

    • [HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A TENT REVIVAL?]:Praise the Lord, EVERYONE!!!! I would like to take the opportunity to invite each one of you to the special tent services we are hosting August 1-4, 2019. I am sooooooo….. excited because we are having a variety of guest speakers from as far away as SOUTH AFRICA! God has been so faithful to grace us…[Read more]

      • Thanks for the invite Sis Keisha!

        Unfortunately I can’t make it…as will likely be overseas to attend a funeral of a close family member who has transitioned to be with the Lord a couple days ago.

        I do know tent meetings are exciting. Our church has run several of those in the past 10 years and results are amazing! We have seen so many…

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      • Hello, Sis. Keisha! Praise God for you and your wonderful spirit. Thank you for the invitation. I will do my best to arrange my schedule so I can attend one of services during the Tent Revival. Take care of yourself and God Bless You!
      • @organmadeeasy: Dear Vaughn, I have a question that I know that you can answer. I have been primarily focusing on my left hand (by shifting all the advanced chords to my left hand and focusing on triads in the right). This technique is great for the organ, but being that I primarily play keyboard during service, my right hand has to carry the bulk…[Read more]

        • A couple questions:

          1. Do you guys have a bass player? If so why is your right hand playing the bulk of the chords?

          2. How often do you practice exercises? Sounds like your muscles need to be strengthened. Also, soak your hands in epsom salt and warm water after they get sore like that. Quick recovery.

        • Keisha Nobles posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

          Thank you so much for your response, Michael! …. I look forward to hearing what Vaughn @organmadeeasy has to say.

          • Keisha Nobles posted an update 2 years ago

            Dear @organmadeeasy:
            1) Vaughn, I have a question about drop-2 voicings for advanced chords. I have seen you use drop 2 voicings on the organ crawl, but that was for triads. For bigger, altered chords, if I am playing them with the left hand, does the 2nd note that is dropped to the bottom become the note I play on my bass pedal? Wouldn’t that…[Read more]

            • Greetings Sis Keisha,

              I know you asked Vaughan, but I wanted to share my response to your question no.1

              Drop 2 is a technique where the 2nd highest note to the left of your voice leading note is dropped to bassline, foot pedal or omitted entirely. My understanding is technique doesn’t necessarily change the chord (a composition of…

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              • As to how it applies to Organ, that can be tricky. For me, I am still working on knowing all my inversions instantly. In the lessons, often when I see Vaughn break down chords he call out the chord instantly, regardless of inversion and if he drops a note he seems to recognize the relationship the bass note has with the chord, either as an…

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            • The way that Barry Harris used drop 2
              Is to move against Melody’s that move step wise so they are movements around and within a bar

              Not even paying attention to what the bass player is doing because at that moment you are like a horn section outlining a melody.

              As keys players we often get trapped into the idea of vertical chords
              But t…

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            • 1. Drop 2 voicings work best in those triadic type of moves. It’s not something to use ALL the time. Look at it like a seasoning. In writing horn lines it’s necessary because horns play a very specific role in the jazz and bebop arrangements. But for keys players it’s more of a situational thing when you want to have an “open” sound while…

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          • Keisha Nobles posted an update 2 years ago

            Dear @organmadeeasy: Vaughn, I left these 2 questions off of my original list:
            1) I’m trying to get an idea of where I fall within the playing spectrum. So much of my estimation of my ability level estimation is based upon my own opinion. Understanding where I fall within the skill spectrum is not only important to my development as a musician,…[Read more]

            • 1. Your rubric looks just about right.

              2. Yes you can substitute chords in the 2-5-1 movement. Refer to the chord suggestions in the Tensions worksheet in Module 1A. Those are my usual go-to’s when I want to switch things up. I usually don’t deviate from the dominant chord on the “5”, but as long as the melody of what you’re playing works…

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              • Vaughn, thank u for the response, but did u realize that u skipped the most important part of the first question? When u listen to my playing, in your professional opinion, which level does it correspond to?
            • Keisha Nobles posted an update 2 years ago

              Dear @organmadeeasy: Hi Vaughn, I have a few questions:
              1) How do you handle playing behind spontaneous singers? I have several people who sing songs from the “white” station, and because I don’t listen to the “white” station, I have never heard the songs before they sing them. Also because I am playing by ear, most of the times I am at a sore…[Read more]

              • 1. Start listening to the “white” station. Learnm the style so you can be familiarized with it. If they’re flat, there’s nothing you can do about that.

                2. At first premeditated. Once I had the melody, and I knew the target chord & melody note for that target chord, I would just find a way to connect it. One thing you can do is to voice leading in…

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                • Mainly the drawbar settings often blur the effect of the sound of the notes, making it difficult for me to decipher. It just sounds clearer on the keyboard just because there is no blending of sound effects due to drawbars. For example, the song by Marvin Sapp entitled “There is None Like You”. The song begins on keyboard but then switched to Mike…

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            • Hi Vaughn @organmadeeasy: I have some questions:
              I am so excited to have finally learned the number system in its entirety so that I am comfortable playing in any key. I even know how to do my 7-3-6-2-5-1 progression with my left hand in every key in 6 minutes or less!!! I have some unfinished business in my musical quest, though. I want to be…[Read more]

              • 1. Great job on getting all your keys down.
                2. You have to start thinking in “context”, which means listening for what chords come next after the “1” or ‘4″ chord.

                That’s why you must always mentally “sing” the major scale in your head when analyzing a song to see what chord we are dealing with.

                What we are looking to see if the 4th scale degree…

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                • Vaughn, thanks so much for the response! I really appreciate it. I tried the foot pedal technique you suggest last night during practice, You’re rignt; it hurts, but not as much as reading the profanity you use to describe it. God doesn’t want you to curse; Not only does the scripture declare that it brings curses upon your life, but there are…

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              • Congratulations on learning the number system in all keys Sis Keisha! Thanks for your leadership, drive and consistency. Reading your message really helps me a lot. I am motivated and focused but struggled to get back into my excercise and practice routines after 2 weeks of vacation and epic family travel experiences to celebrate my brother’s…

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                • Wow, Michael! You really come from such a smart family— you being a computer scientist and your brother becoming an attorney.
                  I’m happy to know that you have found a source of inspiration at GU. Yes, the material is deep and vast, but the Lord will be your guide through it all.
                  Concerning profanity— The word ‘hell’ is used in the bible as a…

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                  • Thanks Sis Keisha! My father really pushed all of us hard and left a legacy non of us can back down from.

                    I acknowledge your concern and it is valid in context as i fully grasp what you mean, the gravity of intent of where you are coming from. I agree and support what you are saying. However, without being too controversial I invite you to…

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              • But I teach my children the difference between hell and the lake of fire. I teach them how to recognize firy darts and deception the enemy and roaring lion uses to distract, isolate, and destroy us on this Christian path. I teach how prayer, fasting, reading and understanding of Gods word. Hearing the pure preached word brings faith, hope,…

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            • @organmadeeasy: Vaughn, I have 2 questions:
              1) Organ presets: How and when do you use them? Do you have any special recommendations about deciding when to use them in lieu of drawbars? Do you ever split your register and use a preset in conjunction with a drawbar setting?
              2) My other question is about the Major 6th chord. Are there any tensions…[Read more]

              • Great questions Sis Sis Keisha! I particularly like your question on 6th chords.
                • 1. I personally don’t use organ presets at all, reason being that they an sometimes differ from organ to organ. It’s just my preference.

                  2. Major 6 chord usually can have a 9th as it’s tension. Chord name would be I(6/9)

                • Dear Vaughn @organmadeeasy: In advance of your presentation tomorrow @ the Piano Summit, I have been interceding in prayer on your behalf. Please remember that a large majority of the musicians in the audience probably began their playing careers in their respective churches, and left to seek the false mirage of fortune, fame, and money in the…[Read more]

                  • Praise The Lord Sis Keisha,

                    May I know what time the piano summit is (ET) tomorrow? I don’t recall seeing an email on this.

                    Please excuse me if I overlooked something. Also, I would like to raise a vote of support for your prayer and encouragement to Vaughan. Indeed, I can testify his teaching and this forum has done wonders for me in just a…

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                    • Hi Bro. Michael, the website VB referenced in his email is The conference is being held in NYC and he presents Tues. @ 10 am. Plse chk the schedule behind me.
                  • @organmadeeasy Hi Vaughn, do you have a fingering chart or know where I can get one? I’m somewhat sure that my hands are in the right position, but If I had a chart or something to refer to, it would help me be certain about correct positioning. I’m not in a big hurry to try and master fingering or anything, I understand there are no quick fixes…[Read more]

                  • Hi @organmadeeasy: Neither MSR-5 nor MSR-6 will load. I know you had tech. difficulties yesterday, but could you look into re-uploading these videos? Thanks!

                  • Hi @organmadeeasy (Vaughn), I keep attempting to “submit a question” for the next MSR, and the link is either inactive, or the page could not be found.

                  • Hi @organmadeeasy (Vaughn), Thanks for all the helpful advice on MSR 6! Were you aware that something happened to the video near the end, and that it cut off before you were finished answering the last question? Thanks, EKN

                  • @organmadeeasy Hey V I Just purchased the free dvd top ten chord progressions im having a hard time locating it HELP!!!

                    • It’s in the courses tab, just scroll to the bottom

                    • Got it!

                      • man!!!!! I thought this was organ progressions smh

                        • You know what…I’m going to record them on organ as well. Look for the update in the next few weeks.

                          • COOL!! aside from this. I was at church last night and my bishop broke out into song, “Anointing.” The song, like any song wasn’t the issue. The issue was my inability to connect my ideas to the my playing which resulted in hitting wrong bass notes on chords they didn’t belong with. Would you have or know any course on ear training. And before you…[Read more]

                            • mad typos

                            • Hey that isn’t an ear training problem.

                              It’s a “not knowing the melody of a song” problem. And knowing how to match the RIGHT chords with each melody note.

                              I highly recommend the Create Crazy Gospel Chords course to help with that.

                              This will help you create ideas using certain rules and principles that govern “crazy gospel chords and ideas”

                            • I’m just now reading this and I can see somewhat clearly now. I took the time to go through and write out the scale for, Cmaj7 and going through it’s diatonic scale and the remaining 6. In a nutshell knowing how numbers work helps us identify progression movements. ok, next question, how do you listen to a song and identify its chord…[Read more]

                  • @doris1995bellsouth-net-2, Awesome that you submitted your clip for MSR3 because I actually got more ideas based on your question to Vaughn, than all of my questions combined! I love that modulation walk-down that Vaughn does, and I am thinking about implementing the trick in my playing style.
                    Hi Vaughn,
                    A few Follow-up questions…[Read more]

                    • 1. Great idea..I’ll have to update PCU with piano.

                      2. You are 1/2 correct. You must remember that EVERYTHING hinges on the “Melody Is King” principle. When Playing Preacher Chords (Like songs) The melody is “dictated” to you, as in, you don’t control it.

                      With talk music you have complete control of the melody so you have more creative…[Read more]

                  • @organmadeeasy Hello Vaughn B. I’m new to the University. Hey I’m learning the progression that goes to Here I Am to Worship. I know the baseline goes from the 1 564 for the Chorus but how should I voice my left hand? Thanks

                  • Oops! Hi Vaughn @organmadeeasy, I forgot to post these follow-up questions from M.S.R last week.
                    Could you please clarify the following:
                    1) You were talking about the ‘add 2’ chords that you normally use. Is the only difference between an (add 2) and an (add nine) chord the seventh?
                    2) So did I understand correctly— reharms are only meant for…[Read more]

                    • 1. Yes the only difference is the 7th

                      2. No, reharms can be used anywhere, its just a matter of taste and clean execution.

                      3. Check private inbox.

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