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@enobleskeishayahoo-com-2 I forgot to mention Happy Birthday too. May the Lord bless you with many more to come. View
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    • Hi Jared,
      Finally nice to meet you on here! I know that you are on PMP, and that our paths have crossed briefly there. I love your profile description and commitment to being a child of God first! Can’t wait to hear you play….

      • Hi Keisha, nice to meet you too. Yes we’ve crossed before but now it’s formal. Lol. Yes music is my second passion and hopefully with Vaughn’s help and tutoring I’ll be posting several clips of my playing. I love the ole school traditional style of play.

        • Amen, Brother! I could not agree more with your willingness to put God first in all things. Isn’t it amazing how he has entrusted us with gifts of music to be a blessing to the Body of Christ? He is AWESOME!
          I am also grateful that we are able to finally interact on this MUSICbook platform that Vaughn has developed, and share with one another in a private setting. Vaughn is an amazing teacher, and I can’t wait to see the progress I have made by the end of this course. His ministry is sent by God to help musicians everywhere!

          • Yes, I’m still fairly new to it all but I’m already looking forward to seeing the progress. I’m definitely grateful for Vaughn’s help and abilities. I’m hoping with his help and the Lord’s strength an impact can be made to the body of Christ.


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