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[RECORDING–“Let It Rise”]: Praise the Lord, Everyone! I know that it’s been some time since I made a post, but so much has happened since the last time I have been in GU! I missed ya’ll! I reside in South Carolina, and our quarantine has been over every since May 1st— The governor has said that zoos, amusement parks, and entertainment venues […] View
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    Chord of the Week: I have randomly selected the BminMaj7(9) chord. It seems to be a difficult chord to finger, but I love the way it sounds. I think I may try to implement this chord in F#, but I am not quite sure. Let’s just see how many times I can use this chord throughout the week in my playing. This rounds out the survey of the 8 advanced chords that Vaughn covered in CCGC. So next week, I will start over and select a different random listing of chord alphabet names because I still have not constructed advanced chords with the following notes: C#, Bb, E, and D.

    • Alright Sister Keisha, you are working the tension chords. If you are going to the church today, give me a call. I have to download Skype unless you have a iPhone. Have a wonderful day and God bless

      • Lord willing, I plan on practicing at the church after work. I know u r enjoying your new organ, sis! I really can’t wait to hear u play on it!! Expect a call from me around 7:30 pm. God Bless!

        • Ok sis I will be looking for your call tonight. I have been doing the pedal exercises from the boot camp and I have to learn how to play the organ lol. Currently I am learning the chords in both hands until I am fluent then it’s time for tension chords and song learning.


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