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[RECORDING–“Let It Rise”]: Praise the Lord, Everyone! I know that it’s been some time since I made a post, but so much has happened since the last time I have been in GU! I missed ya’ll! I reside in South Carolina, and our quarantine has been over every since May 1st— The governor has said that zoos, amusement parks, and entertainment venues […] View
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    It’s really great to have support while on this musical journey. And being that this is a virtual program, I have sought out mentors who can give feedback about my progress. Today, I asked one of my colleagues, who is a JAZZ master, to analyze my recordings. I know it seems desperate, because he and I do NOT agree at all about listening to jazz music! I know that there can be an argument made for the fact that gospel music has evolved into a jazz style, but I do not believe in crossing onto the enemy’s playground and listening to that musical genre. He and I DO agree on one thing: It takes a level of precision and skill to become an accomplished musician. [He is a well renowned musician in the area who has earned acclaim for his piano jazz studio recordings, and he currently plays in a band]. I think I will give it a try and see what input he can provide!

    • I’m certainly not a fan of mixing genre’s.. especially when one is gospel. But I’d definitely say listen to the advice he may be able to give and use it for your learning what you need to help you. Take the good and throw back the bad lol.

      • Thank you so much for your advice, Jared. I don’t have a desire to listen to anything other than music that will glorify the Lord. He is a jealous God, and HE wants all of my affection and praise. One thing I have found in my Christian journey, is that it’s beautiful to fall in love with Jesus, and then the world and all of its secular music has absolutely no APPEAL! I’m sold out to him; therefore, it’s because of my love and reverence for HIM that I refuse to straddle the fence. No one can serve two masters.

        • I’m totally with you. I am exactly the same way. I only listen to gospel. I would feel like I’m cheating on him to do anything else. I think the song says “fully committed”. I am open to learning from almost anyone though for the betterment of what I’m trying to do without mixing it up. That’s just me. I want my gospel to sound like it is Gospel.

    • I think that it’s cool to listen to other styles of music. Only because it expands your musical ear.

      If we’re honest, even traditional gospel music was derived from the blues music from Muddy Waters and artists from the early 1900’s.

      It’s the stylistics that make gospel music evolve, and I don’t think there’s a problem with that.

      I’m jamming to some Earth Wind & Fire right now lol 🙂


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