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[RECORDING–“Let It Rise”]: Praise the Lord, Everyone! I know that it’s been some time since I made a post, but so much has happened since the last time I have been in GU! I missed ya’ll! I reside in South Carolina, and our quarantine has been over every since May 1st— The governor has said that zoos, amusement parks, and entertainment venues […] View
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    [MUSIC DIARY] 12/6/18: Usually when I am upset about something, it’s easier for me to write about how I feel. After working really hard yesterday and getting in very late, I was met by more bad news: One of my church members was struck by a car and killed yesterday. My hear is so heavy right now— it was difficult to sleep last night; It’s difficult to work right now. The only thing left to do is pray and express myself in words. We have a very tight-knit church body, (less than 200 members), and because we are so small, every member matters! At the beginning of each year, my pastor seeks the Lord for a yearly forecast, and the Lord gives him one. During our New Year’s celebration at the beginning of 2018, my pastor said the Lord had given him the following forecast for 2018: “Several of the church members would cross over (i.e. die) during the upcoming year”. His prophecy was so accurate because we lost Sis. Johnson in July, Sis Eugenia in November, and now Sis. Marie (yesterday).It has been very difficult playing for funerals of people in my church whom I am so close to! I believe my pastor, and recognizer that he has the spirit of God— I have never seen God fail him; When he prophesies anything in the name of the Lord, it ALWAYS comes to pass. Death is a bitter reality that we all must face (young or old), but I dread thinking about having to play for another funeral! I continue to pray for Sis. Marie’s family–I am sure that they must be stunned and disappointed with the driver of the car who killed a mother, friend, and my sister in Christ! #DeathAngelPassingThru #SisMarieMissedButNeverForgotten #2018FuneralOverLOAD #PleaseHelpUSLordJesus #WillUBeReady


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