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[RECORDING–“Let It Rise”]: Praise the Lord, Everyone! I know that it’s been some time since I made a post, but so much has happened since the last time I have been in GU! I missed ya’ll! I reside in South Carolina, and our quarantine has been over every since May 1st— The governor has said that zoos, amusement parks, and entertainment venues […] View
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    [A MUSICIAN’S DESPERATE PRAYER] 10/11/18: Dear Lord Jesus,
    I come to you today because I desperately need your help. I feel stuck in my musical journey, but believe that through faith in you, I can overcome. I think that it’s important to not only document my success throughout this journey, but also my struggles. It’s part of the’ law of contrast’: the good and the bad; the pluses and the minuses; the mountains and the valleys. But through it all, you have promised to make it all work together for my good.
    I am your child, and I can’t underscore how much I need you. I have come so far since the beginning of the year, but realize that I have so MANY more miles to go! If I look at the territory I still need to cover, I will never continue the journey. So by faith, I rise above my obstacles, and choose to rely upon you. Right now, I feel my organ progress has been stifled by a major roadblock: VOICE LEADING. By your grace, I can play whatever I hear, but I have come to the realization that the missing link to sounding professional is using the voice leading technique to smoothly transition between chords. My problem is that I play so unconsciously; In order to voice lead, you must know what chord you are on AND what chord you are going to. Lord, please help me break the ‘unconscious’ cycle. I don’t know exactly how to do it, but I am sure that you do! Please give me a revelation of the number system, and prick my ‘musical consciousness’ so that I can be more aware of the chords that I normally play by ear. It’s hard to break bad habits in music, but with YOUR help, ALL things are possible.
    I want to play skillfully as David did. As a believer, I receive your wisdom and guidance in this matter, and trust that you will answer this prayer. For your glory, and in Jesus Christ’s name, I claim my urgent petition. With PERFECT Love, Keisha.
    #itsALREADYdone #myVISIONwillCometoPASS #newORGANhands #BrandNewMusicalVision #totheCHIEFMUSICIAN #ByFaithIriseNEVERtoGIVEUp #winnersNEVERquit

    • You’ll get it 🙂

    • wait? I heard you play and it sound pretty awesome! what was the first Chord you learned and used when embarking on the musical journey here at GU?

      • Praise the Lord, Bro. Nate! To answer your question: Since March 2018, I started this experiment of using one chord per week from Vaughn’s CCGC worksheet. My very first chord was: Eb7(b9,#11,b13). Thank you for the compliment about my playing and I can only give God all glory for any progress…. but I honestly feel that I am an average player. I currently play the keyboard during church service, and only recently have I embarked upon trying to learn how to play the organ. I started trying to learn how to play organ in April 2017— I taught myself some things before beginning in the GU program in January 2018. So a majority of the progress you hear has occurred under Vaughn’s direction. He is an awesome teacher, and has developed some great courses! It’s just that I struggle with letting go of playing by ear and clinging to implementing theory. I never get a chance to play organ during service, so my only exposure to playing comes after everyone leaves, and I am alone to make my recordings on the church’s organ. My goal is to play organ during church service more and finally transition from playing keyboard to playing organ. I am honest and upfront about my struggles, but also acknowledge that through God, I am MORE than a conqueror. #prayFORme&BELIEVEwithME


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